And manage, plan and control your soil and your health!

Use our range of Nutrimeters to compare what is

'poor', 'average', 'good' or 'excellent'.  

An aid to a new way of finding, buying

and/or selling 'good' food!

Enter a new way to find, buy and/or sell 'good' food online.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate about healthy eating that makes you feel better and live longer!

Traditionally, taste has been the way our body tells us what it wants, what it needs to feel good. "Good" food can also be defined as how you feel an hour after eating.

But, in most cases, you cannot taste an item or produce or food until you have bought it. NutriMeter now offer a new, novel, unique and useful way to find, buy and/or sell 'good" food based on taste and nutrient density.

We were the first in the world to introduce nutrient density indices (NDI) in-store at our "Fresh Produce and Organics" outlet in Trentham, Victoria. Wholefoods in the USA made that claim a year later in 2011.

But the best use is on-line finding, buying and selling of fresh produce, including eggs and other produce. Farmers (who have used refractometers, like the NutriMeter I for past 60 years) can rate their produce as 'poor', 'average', 'good' or 'excellent', and price it accordingly.

Consumers can then check with a NutriMeter that what they are getting what they paid for. And it's an 'objective' measure, no arguments about it.

Ad the best way to use NutriMeters (or similar) is using FindGoodFood websites or apps (another first in the world). They even provide comparative 'ratings' for over 500 produce items (incl. varieties) available in Australia.

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About Us

Joan Doe,

store owner

We went "Beyond Organics" (chem-free, permaculture) some 20 years ago, by focusing attention on improving soil nutrient density naturally.

And we proved, beyond doubt, that superior nutrient density produce  could command premium prices. For example, our 'free range' eggs, at 500 birds per hectare, ate half their feed naturally, from all the worms, insects, etc. that live in or on 'good' soil. They measured 16-20 degrees of refraction or NDI, double that of similar 'free range eggs', at 10 000 birds per hectare (Govt. legislation).

Not only do we have a passion for healthy soil, but also for healthy guts and other essential bodily functions. I had Hep A as a kid, which badly damaged my liver and hit me badly at age 60, when slowing down and not getting enough exercise to naturally detox the liver.

So, built my own Nutritional Information System, NutriBalance, in 2007 as I could not find any in the world at the time which covered the other 'essential' 30 health nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc. I was not interested in the 'legal' 7, esp. fats, salts and sugars, as I did not have an obesity problem.

Fortunately I am also a 'teco' inventor, highly skilled in optimizing food and beverage supply and value chains, and in solving 'puzzles' which no one else could solve. Watch this space for NutriBalance IV!


Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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